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Reviewer Guidelines for The Brāhmī: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal

Thank you for agreeing to review submissions for The Brāhmī, an international multidisciplinary research journal. Your contribution as a reviewer is invaluable in maintaining the quality and integrity of the journal. Please adhere to the following guidelines when evaluating manuscripts:

Confidentiality: All manuscripts under review are confidential. Please do not discuss the contents of the manuscript with anyone else unless you have permission from the Editor-in-Chief.

Impartiality and Objectivity: Reviewers are expected to evaluate manuscripts objectively, without bias towards the author(s) or their affiliations. Please focus your assessment solely on the quality, originality, and significance of the research presented.

Timeliness: Promptness in completing reviews is crucial to the timely publication of research. If you are unable to complete the review within the specified timeframe, please inform the Editor-in-Chief as soon as possible.

Feedback Quality: Provide constructive feedback to help authors improve their work. Comments should be clear, specific, and courteous, aimed at assisting the authors in strengthening their manuscript.

Conflicts of Interest: Reviewers should declare any conflicts of interest that might affect their ability to provide an impartial review. If you feel you cannot review a manuscript objectively due to a conflict of interest, please notify the Editor-in-Chief immediately.

Originality and Plagiarism: Ensure that the manuscript presents original work and properly cites previous research where applicable. Notify the Editor-in-Chief if you suspect plagiarism or have concerns about the originality of the content.

Ethical Considerations: Reviewers should alert the Editor-in-Chief to any ethical concerns regarding the research, such as ethical approval for human or animal studies or potential ethical violations.

Clarity and Coherence: Evaluate the clarity and coherence of the manuscript. Comments should address whether the research is well-organized, logically presented, and written in clear, concise language.

Supportive Recommendations: Based on your assessment, recommend a course of action to the Editor-in-Chief. Options may include acceptance, revision, or rejection, along with specific suggestions for improvement if necessary.

Professional Conduct: Maintain a professional and respectful tone in all communication with the Editor-in-Chief and authors. Avoid personal comments or criticism.


We appreciate your commitment to upholding the standards of The Brāhmī. Your expertise and dedication contribute significantly to the advancement of scholarly research. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Editor-in-Chief.

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